For Busy Executives who want to Focus on the Bigger Picture

Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed by never ending to do lists?
Are you ready to regain control of your business, work, and private life? It’s all within reach.

If you’re a strained manager, entrepreneur or founder who:

• Struggles to keep up with the work
• Can’t seem to finish tasks without even more work pouring in
• Has to waste time on minute details instead of getting things done
• Hasn’t had a free day or weekend to him/herself in quite some time…

Does this sound like you? It doesn’t have to be this way.
Get everything on your to-do list checked without getting exhausted.
Stop feeling like you’re on-call 24/7.
Focus on your long-term vision and scaling up, instead of on mundane tasks.
In short: get sh*t done and delegate.

HOW? The Answer is Virtual Assistants.

You can finally have a life, lie back, relax and know that whatever needs to get done now lies in competent hands.
You can take a vacation with peace of mind, knowing that your business is running smoothly.
Take your Life back. Take back the leads. Build your business, build a legacy.


At The Sophisticated Geek, we connect companies or individuals, who want to expand their business, with experienced Virtual Assistants,
who can help grow it. Whatever your specific pain- we have people who can help you cure it.


All our experienced virtual assistants come extensively briefed on GDPR and know how to handle:

• ebay
• amazon
• shopify
• sales processes and calls
• email management
• Graphic Design
• PR and blogging
• general assistance
• HR
• accountancy
• seo/sem

- and more.

Message us now to find out more about our Virtual Assistants.
You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.
CONTACT US: anima@thesophisticatedgeek.com

…and your next holiday is just around the corner!