Tallinn Business Walks

Tallinn Business Walks (for Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads)

Hello, Tere and Grüß’ Gott!

The Tallinn Business Walks were created by Me, Alexandra Nima, an Austrian entrepreneur and performance artist.

I originally came across a tiny, Nordic country called Estonia when researching on potential candidates for an Erasmus+ Exchange for Young Entrepreneurs. Right from the start, I was specifically researching on countries that would make it easier (and cheaper) to start a business than my home country, Austria.

It also needed to be a place with a high level of culture, and technology. The Culture, because I was slightly spoilt by my own heritage- and Digital, because I had an interest in founding my own (tech) company.

I was aware of the possibility of Estonian E-Residency as well, but decided to make the jump and relocate, in the hopes of finding my tribe. Life in Estonia as a foreigner was hard at first, but if you come prepared, many of the pitfalls of being a newbie in a highly competitive and fairly “cold” landscape can be avoided. (This goes for Digital Nomads and Permanent Residents alike.)

To generate a more “human” connection away from my digital marketing day job, I eventually decided to take on German and English language Lokafy tours in 2019. I soon after created my own, custom format on AirBnB- The Tallinn Business Walks for Entrepreneurs, as I realised that there was a gap that wasn’t being filled much by the (plethora of) information available online: Connection.

I designed this Walking Tour to introduce foreign entrepreneurs and investors to Tallinn as a location for doing business, and introduce digital nomads, (e-)residents, expats and fellow entrepreneurs to the local peculiarities of living in and with Estonians. From general, practical knowledge on the local startup, investment and entrepreneurial culture to customised Tallinn sightseeing and insider tips, this experience was crafted to match your specific needs.

Learn how to approach Estonian culture, and life in general, as a curious, foreign investor, entrepreneur or newbie resident. Save precious time by knowing who to talk to, when, and how.

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